Vinpok Split

The Perfect On-the-go Triple Touch Screen Laptop Monitor

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Extra Monitors For Productivity

Vinpok Split allows you to add two extra screens, making for a triple-screen set-up for your laptop! By setting up an extra monitor or two, you can boost your productivity significantly by up to 50%. This gives your laptop desktop like functionality while keeping its portability.

Screen Share -- At Any Angle

You can either connect your Vinpok Split monitors next to your original monitor, or you can flip them over to any angle as an easy screen share with something sitting across from you. This really comes in handy especially during meeting and interviews.

Stay Productive Anywhere

Vinpok Split is durable and builit strongly to withstand all the wear and tear during transporting your laptop anywhere. And because the Split weighs only 1.4 lbs, you can take it anywhere you go without breaking a sweat.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Computer

What makes the Split even more exciting is that you can plug in your Android flagship smartphone and turn it into a computer in seconds. Even if you don’t have access to a computer, working remotely won’t be a problem!